I murales di Stabiae Street

The Stabiae Street murales

I murales di Stabiae Street

Stabiae Street, artists from all over the world have colored our historic center with beautiful murales.

Here is the Stabiae Street event with its murals: the artists in the historic center of Castellammare and their works. Let’s see them!

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The Stabiae Street murales Sin Nombre

Opera: Sin Nombre

Location: Vico Sant’Anna

Artist: @Feoflip

Feoflip is an artist born in the Canary Islands. His artwork is a hybrid and mutation of science fiction, biomechanics, steampunk, and many times you can read an eternal debate between technology and nature.

Sin Nombre is a tribute to the Neapolitan culture and to the musicality of the city of Castellammare di Stabia.

The Stabiae Street murales The Secret of Stabiae

Opera: The Secret of Stabiae

Location: Giovanni Amendola Square

Artista: Mto, alias Mateo @mtograff

Mto is a French graffiti artist, videomaker and muralist. His style has evolved towards mural with more conceptual and political works that can be found on a giant scale and facades around the world.

The Secret of Stabiae tells us about the 28 water sources in the city that have been used for various health treatments for centuries: the rebirth of the spa is near, it is just around the corner. One of the most majestic Stabiae street murals.

The Stabiae Street murales Burden

Opera: Burden

Location: Vico Sant’Anna

Artist: KYMO ONE @kymo_one

KYMO ONE is a young Belgian artist with impressive artistic skills.

Burden shows a boy trying to save a flowerpot from a flood. A burden he chooses to carry while others would call him crazy for it.

The Stabiae Street murales color a la ceniza

Opera: Color a la ceniza

Location: De Turris Street

Artist: Diana Ordoñez alias @Ledania

Diana Ordoñez alias Ledania has a degree in visual arts and is one of the most representative Colombian artists in the world. Her artwork based on her large-format mural has been printed around the world in Europe, Canada, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan. Ledania’s work of art is recognized by important bodies such as the Curitiba Bienal of Arts, Expo Malasya, Bozman University.

By giving a little “Latin American” color to the ash, to something that was colorless, it can be reborn. The characters in the mural are inspired by ancient Roman statues, the birds are a representation of safety. The rebirth of nature, in short, through the explosion of colors.

Stabiae street Sirena

Opera: Sirena

Location: De Turris Street

Artist: Andrea Luis Hernández alias “Cosmos” @cosmic_cosmo_logical

Andrea Luis Hernández aka “Cosmos”, was born in Tenerife. Through a baroque or neoclassical aesthetic, the images of contemporary everyday life are translated acquiring a renewed importance. The urgent need to generate expectations around the little everyday things is the artist’s main effort.

Sirena is a tribute to the frescoes of ancient Roman cities. Being representative of the lifestyle of the Pompeian society, they were also a rich part of the culture of the city.

The Stabiae Street murals E vulcano natus

Opera: E Vulcano Natus

Location: Santa Croce street

Artist: Luigi Longobardi alias @luispak

Luigi Longobardi alias Luispak is a “nocturnal” painter, graffiti artist, graphic designer, illustrator, born in 1984 in Salerno. In 1999 he founded the Drak Crew. Mixing all of his experiences he puts his feelings, experiences and dreams on a wall in search of style and form.

E Vulcano Natus” is a tribute to the ancestral memory of life that arises from the depths of the Earth following the paths of magma. An extreme nature that takes the forms of the marvelous: a real giant that takes on the traits of myth when expressed through the semantics of fire and underground power.

Stabiae street Acque di stabiae

Opera: Acque di Stabiae

Location: Coppola Street

Artist: CAZ.L @caz.l

CAZ.L is a German artist, the stencil technique has helped her reach the finals of the World Stencil Art Prize in Sydney several times. Licensed to drive lift platforms, Ann Caz.L decided not long ago to expand her artistic portfolio with larger images, such as mural painting.

Acque di Stabiae is the fresco of a bathhouse in the ancient city of Castellammare di Stabia that “sticks” like a souvenir photo to the tiles and pours its memories onto two bathers. Preserving and telling the story is like a hot shower for the human soul.

Stabiae Street un canto nell'incanto
Un canto nell’incanto

Opera: un canto nell’incanto

Location: Vico I Sant’Anna

Artist: Barmy MARILENA IMPARATO e RITA BARRETTA – @rita.barretta.3

Barmy is a couple of artists who have united their passions: Marilena Imparato, known for her painting that crosses the metaphysical with the Renaissance, and Rita Barretta, capable of amalgamating the art of needle and thread with painting of various kinds.

The work is a heartfelt tribute to our Stabia between history, current events and legend: the magic of the colors of a sky between sunrise and sunset, a circle that closes suspended between the end and a new beginning.

Stabiae Street Ricordo

Opera: Ricordo

Location: Calata del Gesù

Artist: Guido Palmadessa @guidopalmadessa

Guido Palmadessa is a painter and muralist born in Buenos Aires. His style is a mix of imagination, symbolism and social reality – it’s all about the human condition.

In Palmadessa’s works, the symbolic layers overlap the portraits, mixing, as well as languages, culture and identity. Everyone can add new layers to the work of art: thoughts or language or even just a decorative element.

Stabiae Street Cratere

Opera: Cratere

Location: Via Campo di Mola

Artist: Yessi Nur Mulianawati, alias @Yessiow

Yessi Nur Mulianawati, aka Yessiow, is a mural artist and illustrator. She has painted works of art throughout South Asia and her murals of hers are characterized by the use of harmonious shapes and delicate colors.

The mural “Cratere” is inspired by the craters found in the excavations of Stabia on which stories, legends and scenes of everyday life were depicted. The artist linked the sensations experienced during the pandemic to the crater, all enclosed in a vase to rediscover inner beauty.

Stabiae street Le Sirene ed Ulisse

Opera: Le Sirene ed Ulisse

Location: Vico del Pesce

Artist: Isi Celis @tierradeisis

Isi Celis, Chilean artist known for his style that combines the ancestral painting of ancient civilizations with metaphysical painting.

The mural “The Sirens and Ulysses” is a tribute to the myth of the sirens and the change in the image of the siren itself over the centuries, to underline the importance of contamination between different cultures and the power of imagination.

Stabiae street La Madonna dei Rifugiati

Opera: La Madonna dei Rifugiati

Location: Strada San Bartolomeo

Artist: La 180 @la_180

La 180, winner of the first prize for the Street and Urban Art section at the Artkeys Prize, an international exhibition of contemporary art. His graffiti are published in Italian and international magazines.

I can convey the value of hospitality and solidarity towards those suffering from wars and famines.

Lo Scultore

Opera: Lo scultore

Location: Vico San Bartolomeo

Artist: Nino Come @ninocome_

Nino Come, Campania artist, he arrived in the world of art through comics. He is among the emerging street artists considered one of the most promising.

The title of the mural, which is located in vico San Bartolomeo, is “Lo Scultore”. The work depicts a young sculptor, as a wish to pass on to young people the artisan tradition, of great workmanship, which was present in our territory.

The scene portrays a sculptor in the foreground, who is about to reconstruct works belonging to past history and tradition, in the background stands the Royal Palace of Quisisana, a historic royal residence built in the thirteenth century by the Angevin sovereigns as a holiday and health resort.


Opera: Flora

Location: Vico San Bartolomeo

Artist: Linas Kaziulionis “Kart7” @kartseptyni

Kart7 is a Lithuanian artist known for his particular style that combines classical studies with a passion for the world of street art. The result is interesting for its conceptual depth and freshness.

The title of the mural, which is located in vico San Bartolomeo, is “Flora”. The work is a tribute to the Flora fresco found in the archaeological excavations of Villa di Arianna, considered one of the symbols of the city of Castellammare di Stabia.

The artist blends the image of the sculptures of Flora, from the Roman era, with the geometries and colors of the floors of Villa Arianna, creating lively perspective plans with a strong visual impact.

Nemo Tibi Amat

Opera: Nemo Tibi Amat

Location: Vico Tedesco

Artist: Nemo @nemo_tibi_amat

Nemo, street artist of Italian origins known for the invention of a particular writing instrument, carved by hand, has as its aim the production of tags in series, thus creating an “infinite” loop of writings.

The title of the mural, which is located in Vico Tedesco, is “Nemo Tibi Amat”. The work touches on the contemporary theme of women reduced to slavery or victims of abuse, who try to oppose their own destiny.

The text “Nemo Tibi Amat” is painted on the blanket that surrounds the striking harlot to exhort these women to take their lives in hand and be masters of their own destiny.

Maradona Archeologico

Opera: Maradona Archeologico

Location: piazzetta Caporivo

Artist: Rata Virus @rata_virus

Rata Virus is a Chilean street artist known for his particular wall surface engraving technique. His works have a great expressive power and are always linked to the spirit of the place.

The title of the mural, which is located in piazzetta Caporivo, is “Archaeological Maradona”. The work of Rata Virus represents a symbol of revolution, understood positively, the power of change and the redemption of one’s social position.

Post Fata Resurgo

Opera: Post Fata Resurgo

Location: piazzetta Caporivo

Artist: Daco @dacopaint

Daco is a French street artist who creates graphic, abstract, dynamic and colorful works with lines and solids to surprise and bring a positive and modern visual energy. His works have animals and their innate strength as their subject.

The title of the mural, which is located in piazzetta Caporivo, is “Post Fata Resurgo”. Daco’s work is inspired by the phrase reported in the coat of arms of the city of Castellammare di Stabia “Post Fata Resurgo” (after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, already in 92 Publio Papinio Stazio wrote “also in Stabia, that rose from its ruins”).

Through the metaphorical image of the phoenix, which rises from its own ashes, Daco’s work is an invitation to change, to trust in one’s abilities, not to give up, to overcome difficulties, drawing lessons from our history. Very beautiful and impactful work among all the Stabiae Street murals.

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The Stabiae Street murales.

The Stabiae street murales are only 10 minutes away from our vacation rental.

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