Visita sul Vesuvio

A Visit to Vesuvius

Visita sul Vesuvio

A visit to Vesuvius, the most famous volcano in the world.

A visit to Vesuvius will be an unforgettable experience, one of the best known and most studied volcanoes in the world. With its unmistakable shape it is the symbol of the city of Naples. The highest point reaches 1,277 m. above sea level and the crater has a diameter of 450 m. and a depth of 300 m.

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The Vesuvius National Park is a whole world to explore between nature, history and geology. You can choose to go trekking, walk the paths surrounded by greenery or visit the Great Cone of Vesuvius and live a fantastic experience.

Vesuvius is one of the most sought-after stages by national and international tourists: 11 paths for a total of 54 km to choose and follow, there are circular, educational, panoramic and agricultural nature trails.

The Great Cone of the volcano

Going up the Gran Cono path is a unique experience, for the thrill of walking along the crater of an active volcano and for the view that can be enjoyed over a large part of Campania. The main route runs along the western part. The beginning of the path is placed in correspondence with the square at an altitude of 1000 in Herculaneum.

To follow the path it is necessary to be accompanied by the Alpine and Volcanological Guides of the Campania Region.

The climb continues smoothly for about 800 m and is rewarded by a series of increasingly suggestive panoramic views, along the various hairpin bends. The view is on the Valle del Gigante, which in spring turns yellow due to the presence of the broom scrub.

The valley separates the Gran Cono from the ancient Somma caldera. Traced by the imposing “cognoli” of Sant’Anastasia (1086 m), Punta del Nasone (1132 m), up to the “cognoli” of Ottaviano (1112 m).

Several views along the way allow you to admire the interior of the crater, which after the countless changes brought about by the various eruptions. Currently has an elliptical shape with a maximum diameter of 580 meters.

Along the internal walls some fumaroles give us the feeling of a still active volcano, albeit in a quiescent phase.

How to reach Vesuvius

Vesuvius is easily reachable from our holiday home by car, taking the A3 motorway towards Naples and exiting at Herculaneum following the signs for the Vesuvius National Park.

Or you can visit Vesuvius with the circumvesuviana train whose stop is only 150 meters from our holiday home: take the terno towards Naples and get off at the Ercolano station. You will find the Vesuvio Express bus service immediately outside the station which will take you to the square of the Vesuvius National Park.

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For more information and to purchase tickets you can visit the official website of the Vesuvius National Park

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